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Bit-Force Kft., the owner (hereinafter as Owner) of the user rights of the contents and services of this website informs you that by browsing the website found under the domain name you also accept the following terms.


Usage and protection of website content

The Owner draws your kind attention to the fact that any data, documents, information, pictures, illustrations, diagrams, graphics and the design of the website appearing on your screen as well are under protection and the Owner is solely entitled to exercise the associated rights according to the provisions of the 1999 LXXVI Act on Copyright and the 1959 IV Law on the Civil Code.
Without the Owner’s prior written permission it is forbidden to use, reproduce, transfer, distribute, recast or store the whole content or any parts of this website.

In case of the Owner’s permission any data, documents, information, pictures, illustrations, diagrams or graphics appearing on this website can only be used if the address of this website, the name of the Owner and the rightful © symbol – referring to the copyright protection – are shown as source, provided furthermore that this usage is only for the purpose of disseminating information and neither serves your, nor any other natural or legal third person’s commercial, or any other gainful activity and the data, documents, information, pictures, diagrams and graphics are used without any alteration.

Having regard to the fact that the design and layout of the content of this website are also under separate protection according to the 1999 LXXVI Act on Copyright, these are not to be copied in part or as a whole, except you are specifically authorized to doing that. In this case the Owner permits – within your own personal fair use – the storage on your computer and printing of content or extracts of these pages.


Protection of trademarks

The designation of the Owner’s name and some of its products or services may be under the protection of the 1997 XI Act on The Protection of Trademarks and Geographical Indications and any other international convention declared and in force in Hungary and for the use and permission for use of these only the Owner of the trademark is entitled. On this website the ® symbol standing beside any designation refers to this protection. You shall refrain from any use or misuse of the Owner’s trademarks, or the use or direct and indirect request for registration of any similar brand, trade name or logo or one which can easily be confused with the above. The trademarks, brands, logos on this website are under the above protection and their relating rights are the property of their owners.


Liability for website content

The content of the Owner’s website is meant as originally formulated without any changes.
The Owner aspires to compile and publish the data and information shown on this website with the greatest possible diligence and multiple checks. Nonetheless the possibility can not be excluded that in some cases due to editing or any other reason false, misleading or incomplete data is published. Having regard to the fact that the available information on this website is intended to serve as general information, the Owner neither takes any liability for the accuracy of the published data, documents, information, pictures, illustrations, diagrams, graphics nor for the adequacy of these for the use of your purposes, thus the associated risks are fully yours to take.

It may happen that a change is made to the website irrespective of the Owner’s will or influence, therefore – unless the law provides otherwise – the Owner does not take any liability for the accuracy, reliability, actuality and content of the pages appearing in front of you, or in respect of any information, documentation or any other written material available on the website.

The Owner reserves the right to change or revise the contents of this website, restrict its availability or terminate it completely. The Owner does not guarantee continuous and error-free access to the website content. Liability for any direct or indirect loss, expenditure or cost – data and profit loss included - due to the access, direct or indirect use of available information, documentation and any other written material of this website, the unusable status of this site, its improper operation, deficiency, malfunction or ambiguity is explicitly excluded by the Owner.

The Owner may in some cases announce advertising actions, where he tries to describe the conditions in all detail also keeping in mind the provisions of the 1996 LVII Act on the Ban of Unfair Market Practices and Restriction of Competition. However the extent or geographically diverse rules of the action conditions may require that only the main conditions of the action will be indicated. In these cases - complying with its obligation to provide information – the Owner asks you to obtain information on the detailed action conditions under the given details provided. The Owner reserves the right to change or modify the conditions of any earlier announced actions without prior notice, or cancel the action completely, with the stipulation that this information will be immediately provided on the website.


Use of services

All user and copyrights of services, downloadable documents and software are owned by the Owner and/or by the Owner’s partners, or by the owners of the software and services. The use of the documents, software and services may be specified by separate user license agreements (ULA/EULA). Downloading, installing or using any documents, software or services before reading and accepting their respective user license agreement are all prohibited. ANY OTHER USE DESCRIBED IN THE USER LICENSE AGREEMENTS OF DOCUMENTS, SOFTWARE AND SERVICES IS NOT ALLOWED.


Links to other websites

The purpose of any links to other websites from the Owner’s website is solely your convenience. When you connect to another website with the help of a link on this website, you are leaving this website. The Owner does not monitor any of these connected websites and excludes all liability for these websites or their contents. Entering any other website connected to this website is done solely on your responsibility.

Furthermore the Owner does not take liability for any content which is connected or referred to the Owner’s website content and has been made, forwarded, stored, made available or published by a third party.


Notification in case of copyright infringement

In case you experience any infringement of copyright, please report it at the Owner’s contact details. This website may include customized software and services, which are owned by BIT-FORCE Kft. or its partners, or by the owners of the software or services. For their possession, use or copying a concerning valid and effective agreement is necessary with BIT-FORCE Kft. and/or its partners or with the owners of the rights of these software and services. Commercial software, services and their documentation, components and technical data are protected by regulations of related Hungarian and International Law.


Applicable Law

The website of the Owner in accordance with the existing legislation may impose different provisions than the present rules, thus understanding and accepting the prevailing provisions and user conditions is a prerequisite to using the services.

For the information contained herein and for further terms published on this website (services offered on this website included) the corresponding provisions of the Hungarian law shall prevail.