The cash is protected 24 hours a day by the Complete ATM Cash Solution

Attacks on ATM's during and after replenishment have steadily increased for several years. The a2m product successfully resolves the problems associated with these thefts:

  • Significant Cash Losses
  • Trauma to Bank Staff, Customers & CIT personnel
  • ATM Machine Loss/Damage
  • Building & Collateral Damage

For the ATM Deployer

A major concern for ATM deployers and maintainers is the provision of adequate security measures to protect cash and personnel throughout the transportation and storage process. a2m can provide a level of security and flexibility to satisfy both the owner of the machine and the cash distributor without upgrading the ATM machine itself.

Whilst a2m products can work on their own, when combined with the iBox, cash distributors are able to provide customers with a totally secure, yet flexible, end-to-end ATM cash replenishment system.

Complete ATM Cash Solution

a2m is an adaptable ink degradation system designed to protect cash whilst being transported and stored in ATM machines. When transported in an iBox, the a2m module benefits from the combined security features of both products, a2m then also protects the cash from attack whilst in the ATM machine. Each a2m unit degrades the cassette contents using a permanent ink solution with traceable elements and is fully equipped with an electronic audit capability through a Black Box feature, which is fully accessible on site.

iBox is the culmination of over 20 years development and experience in the cash protection industry. It allows users to store and carry cash in many forms both safely and securely. Meeting the toughest European legislation, iBox has been designed to provide the highest possible security levels whilst remaining flexible and user friendly.

ATM Maintenance

The maintenance requirements of the ATM are achieved using the securely controlled features of the a2m handheld unit. This minimises ATM downtime by simply removing the a2m cassettes in a safe storage mode whenever maintenance is required and automatic full re-arming on ATM return.


Features include:

  • Non Charging cassette
  • Full integration with iBox providing a2m status report on LCD screen
  • End to End capability based on one technology from a single manufacturer
  • Full certification to ISO9001 quality & ISO14001 environmental
  • ATM disabling with limited modification
  • No explosives involved
  • Significant note degradation
  • Multi Vendor capability

Benefits include:

  • Strong deterrent to criminals
  • Disarmed during Cash Centre cycle
  • Reduction of ATM downtime during routine maintenance
  • Full Black Box Download Audit Trail accessed by the end user
  • Flexible to short notice re-deployment, to address crime hotspots
  • No access to cash by crew