The cash is protected 24 hours a day bythe intelligent cash degradation system

The Cash Deposit Module is a unique module fitted to the iBox, creating the Retail Deposit System. It allows retailers the flexibility of making cash deposits into a secure yet lightweight intelligent security container. This saves you time which you can put back into running your core business and also dramatically reduces the risk of attack on you, your staff and your security provider. The Retail Deposit System takes care of it all.

Basic Operation

Small packages are placed in to the drum of the Cash Deposit Module which is rotated by the user, allowing the packages to drop in to the iBox. To safeguard your cash, illegal rotation of the drum is prevented by the use of a lock mechanism controlled by the application of an electronic key - a Touch Memory Tag.

An Advanced Alternative to the Conventional Safe

The box is housed in a holding chute which is attached securely to the floor of your premises. Cash is deposited without opening the box. When the box is full your security provider quickly and simply exchanges the full box for an empty one. There is no need for safes to be opened or large amounts of cash to be exposed or counted, which wastes your time and increases your risk. The box is programmed not to allow access to your deposited cash until it is safely back in the secure environment of the bank or security provider's cash centre.

Multiple Collection Box

Enables collections from a number of separate tills in a supermarket without opening the box or exposing any cash contents.

iBox Total Cash Protection System

The iBox Total Cash Protection System is used by your security provider for all manner of cash and valuable transportation.

  • End to End security
  • Tracking
  • Flexibility

Benefits include:

  • Speeds up collections
  • High deterrent effect
  • Make secure collections from 'non-secure' areas
  • Install close to the cash till for convenience
  • Cannot be opened outside a secure environment
  • Use as a substitute for a small safe
  • Reduces exposure of loose cash movement in the premises

Multiple Collection Box

Benefits include:

  • Highly portable so ideal for collecting from close groups of customers - shopping malls, train and bus stations
  • Reduced security risk
  • Faster collections
  • Cannot be opened outside a secure environment/li>
  • 200 notes per deposit