The cash is protected 24 hours a day bythe intelligent cash degradation system

iBox, by far the most advanced Intelligent Cash Protection system on the market, incorporates Spinnaker’s patented ink injection system to give an unprecedented level of security to cash whilst in transit or in storage.
Adopting the 'Total End-to-End' approach, there is absolutely no need to open iBox units at the point of transaction (delivery/collection), so the vulnerable parts of the cash cycle are eliminated. The Cash Distributor does not need to involve a representative of the Bank (or Financial Institution) in any way to complete the transaction, so risk is reduced for the Bank and its customers as well as for the Cash Distributor.

Fast and Flexible

As the bank staff do not have to be present when the Cash Distributor arrives, the transaction can be carried out at any time of the day or night. This reduces risk further and allows the Cash Distributor a much wider time-window in which to complete the transaction. Out of normal business hours, less traffic means faster journeys and the transaction is quicker as parking is far easier and the Cash Distributor does not have to wait for the Bank branch staff to be available.

Intelligent alternative to traditional armouring and safes

As the operative of the Cash Distributor has absolutely no access to the cash, the risk of duress is reduced. An appropriate number of boxes can be deployed on the vehicle and at the Bank premises. There is no requirement for heavy armouring on the vehicle or bulky safes in the Bank premises. Each iBox is a unique intelligent safe that can only be accessed under secure conditions and subject to security procedures at the Bank premises or cash centre. The whole End-to-End operation is flexible in that the number of iBox units can be increased or decreased with ease both on the vehicle and in the Bank branch, according to demand.

iBox is a low weight system that is comfortable and uncomplicated for the user to operate. Designed to protect against any type of attack, iBox will degrade even plastic-wrapped cash with ink traceable elements and incorporates all the known degradation standards in Europe. iBox can be equipped with modular communications that provide users the freedom and flexibility to programme and track units via the internet.


Benefits for the Bank include:

  • Reduced risk to staff and customers
  • Flexible transactions
  • Cannot be opened outside a secure environment
  • Intelligent and flexible alternative to traditional safes

Benefits for the Cash Distributor:

  • Faster transactions and journeys
  • Allows 1-person operation Reduces risk to staff
  • Cannot be opened outside a secure environment
  • Reduced risk of losses