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Why Deposit Machine Protection?

Attacks on deposit machines during and after replenishment have steadily increased for several years. The consequences include:

  • Significant cash losses
  • Trauma to staff, customers & CIT personnel
  • Deposit machine loss/damage
  • Building & collateral damage

Application of the r2m product as part of a holistic security program will provide protection throughout the cash process deterring future attacks.
Retail space is set at a premium. The use of r2m can provide operating and servicing models that optimises retail space.

For the Deposit Machine Deployer

A major concern for deposit machine deployers and maintainers is the provision of adequate security measures to protect cash and personnel throughout the transportation and storage process. This is further challenged when when retailers are demanding more creative solutions, with more compact and flexible siting.

r2m can provide a level of security and flexibility to satisfy both the owner of the machine and the cash distributor with only nominal upgrading to the deposit machine itself.

Whilst r2m products can work on their own, when combined with the iBox, cash distributors are able to provide customers with a totally secure, yet flexible, end-to-end cash replenishment system.

Complete Deposit Machine Cash Solution

With the growing demand to migrate banknote neutralisation systems into the Retail operating sector, Spinnaker has launched its r2m product family in conjunction with the world class provider MEI for its Cashflow SC cash cassette family.

r2m provides a versatile, reliable and effective banknote neutralisation system that can be added into the protection of the cash handling, storage and transportation cycle of the Retail operation.

Designed as a scalable platform that offers protection to match the service operating process, from simple In Safe protection through ATF (Across The Floor) all the way up-to full E2E (end to end) service models.

Like all Spinnaker solutions r2m conforms to the highest standards verified by ISO standard requirements and CE Marking.

Deposit Machine Maintenance

Spinnaker recognises the essential need to extend cash protection through busy service and maintenance activity. The cassettes can be authorised into a secure ‘service engineer’ mode. This minimises deposit machine downtime by simply removing the r2m cassettes in a secure storage mode whenever maintenance is required and automatic mode change on return to the deposit machine.


Features include:

  • IR communications to iBox, Safe or Vehicle locker
  • Ink staining for total cassette contents, 1200 notes
  • Water detector . Door open sensor . Ram Raid/li>
  • Transport Timer with extend options
  • End to End capability based on one technology from a single manufacturer
  • Full certification to ISO9001 quality & ISO14001 environmental
  • No explosives involved

Benefits include:

  • Strong deterrent to criminals
  • Versatile operations process during cash service cycle
  • Reduction of downtime during routine maintenance
  • Full Black Box Download audit trail accessed by the end user
  • Plug and Play flexibility to address changing crime hotspots
  • No unauthorised access to cash by crew
  • Potential for reduction in insurance premiums and safe specifications
  • Programmable operating process