The Company


Founded in 1985, Spinnaker leads the market in intelligent bank note neutralisation systems. Spinnaker continually generates innovative ideas using cutting edge technology, and rapidly converts those ideas into practical and user friendly solutions for customers. Spinnaker exports cost-effective solutions worldwide, and has developed many flexible systems that provide a safe and secure medium for the transport and storage of cash and ATM cassettes.

Designed for the wider marketplace, Spinnaker systems are applied and integrated across distributors, financial institutions and retailers. Spinnaker invests in after-sales service to maintain high standards, which ensures and enhances customer relations. That in-turn provides a stable platform for long-term partnerships in which solutions can be developed with essential customer input. The latest Spinnaker systems have been developed with input from industry experts. Advanced communication systems, combined with our latest patented technology, ensures that our products comply with all European legislation requirements for security and safety.

Spinnaker is an ISO9001 quality and ISO14001 environmental qualified company.